What Makes Us Unique?


Choosing a dental practice can be difficult. We make it easy! Here's why:

Early Appointments Available & Online Scheduling

Don't miss work! 
We open at 7:00 AM Monday-Friday and are available through your lunch schedule. This way we can ensure our patients can get in for dental treatment before or during normal working hours. 
Click here to check out our online scheduler

Discounts and Rewards

Get great discounts!
5% discount for senior citizens and another 5% off for those paying with cash or a check 
Check out our Patient Loyalty Program 
Plus, get $50 towards your treatment via our 50/50 Referral Program 

Air Abrasion - Pass On The Needle and Drill!

No shots and no drilling for shallow cavities and sealants!
Air abrasion works like a mini sandblaster to quickly and safely remove decay
Read more about 
Air Abrasion at  WebMD.

 Dental Microscope – Attention to Detail

Each operator is equipped with high powered microscopes  
Provides an unsurpassed level of precision unseen by the naked eye
Treatment is completed with a thoroughness that can avoid recurrent problems
This technology will revolutionize dentistry and will be the standard of care in the near future 

CEREC – Same-Day Crowns

Receive your final crown in as little as one visit!
Only get numb one time 
Watch you crown be milled out in a matter of minutes


Patient Comfort and Anxiety Reduction

Get relaxed with a warm cozy blanket and turn on your favorite movie right in the chair
Know what's going to happen before each procedure so you can feel safe and in control
Conscious Sedation and nitrous oxide are available upon request

Six Month No Interest Financing

Receive financing through Care Credit
Find out more about Care Credit here

Complimentary Second Opinions and Cosmetic Consultations

Get another opinion before opting-in for treatment
Understand the procedures and know your cost up front 
Make an appointment online or call our office at (208) 402-1040

Restoration Guarantee

We understand that you expect your dental restoration to last
If you have a restorative procedure completed that fails in the first year, under normal conditions, we will repair or replace the restoration for free