No Cavity Club

No Cavity Club at Victory Dental BoiseFrom the time your child comes in for his or her first "Happy Visit" until their adult teeth start to erupt, cleanings are just as important for oral hygiene as they are for you as parents! Kids need motivation and often incentives for brushing their teeth. And what can be a better incentive than a free prize?! Welcome to the No Cavity Club for kids!  At your child’s first appointment they will receive a free Spinbrush. Brushing teeth isn't very exciting, but with the new battery operated Spinbrushes, between the flashing lights and bright colors, your kids will be drawn to their new toy and will be on their way to a healthy smile.  If your child has no cavities at their 6-month check up they will:

  1. Get a new FREE Spinbrush!
  2. Get their picture taken and put on our Facebook (with your permission)
  3. And get a No Cavity Club Certificate to take home to frame and be proud about!

No Cavity Club at Victory Dental
As parents, we want you to understand why it's important for your child to brush his or her teeth at a young age. Even though they are only baby teeth and will eventually fall out, believe it or not, baby teeth play hugely important roles in your child's mouth! Check out this article on our blog about Oral Care for Your Child.

When you come in for your next cleaning, feel free to ask questions about fluoride, sealants, and other appliances that may benefit your child. We welcome your inquiries and want you to feel comfortable enough to trust our input in the health of your child's teeth.